7 Perfect Summer Date Ideas

Find out how you can spice up your relationship this summer with your spouse or long-time partner. Keep on reading to get some inspiration from these seven perfect summer date ideas!

  1. Become a tourist in your own city.

Time to change your usual date night routine! Why not try to pretend that you are both tourists? Introduce yourself like it was your first time to bump each other.  To make it more exciting, make up a pretend story about your own lives for one day only – perhaps, you will fall in love again like the first day you laid eyes on each another.

Explore the city’s hidden wonders. Take selfies. Don’t be afraid to get lost in the midst of the city. Enjoy wandering around places you never been to.

  1. Beat the heat on the beach.

Go get your short and sandals and feel the heat on your skin by having a long walk on the beach.  If swimming is not your jam, you can just buy your favourite ice cream and walk the boardwalk while talking to your special someone.

  1. Go camping and hiking.

For adventurous couples out there, hiking and camping is a perfect option.  In fact, you can even take your little furry buddy with you. Majority of states boast mountains or parks which are open to everyone for an overnight adventure.

On the other hand, if you’d like to opt for less adventurous activities, you may simply look for a local campground. Don’t forget to bring drinks and snacks with you.

  1. Stargaze at the back of your pickup truck.

Tired from all-day work? Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city! You don’t need to spend a fortune to do this. Watch the shining stars above, which lights up the dark sky right at the back of your pickup truck.

To help you find planets, constellations and stars, use apps like SkyView Free via your smartphone.

To make your stargazing moment more comfortable, pack several cozy blankets. Lay them out on your car’s hood, in the bed of your pickup truck or simply on the ground and forget the world with your loved one.

  1. Be adventurous.

Want a new summer date idea other than the usual dinner and movie marathon? Head to your favourite beach try adventurous activities like surfing, kayaking and diving together with your partner or significant other. Doing something interesting and adventurous together strengthens your bond and lets you create a one-of-a-kind memory and.

  1. Go to the nearest local farmer’s market and cook something delicious.

Visit the nearby farmer’s market to purchase freshly baked goods together with bae. You’re not only spending your quality time with your loved one, but you are also actually supporting the local farmers there.

After shopping together, you can use those fresh veggies and food to whip something yummy.

  1. BBQ bonding

Surprise your special someone with BBQ setup for two at the backyard. While grilling, you can both catch up on everything.  If there’s anything which brings two individual closer, it is the bond and connection they got.

These are a few of gazillions ways to enjoy the burning heat of summer with your partner. Remember, you don’t need expensive date ideas to make him/her smile. You just need a perfect summer plan that can create happy and unforgettable memories.